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S. Parthasarathy



The proof and concrete evidence for God's existence is the GREAT WISE PEOPLE of this world of all times. This statement is not an imaginary fiction. If we are able to be one with the WISE PEOPLE and THEIR WORKS, we can experience the Truth in this statement. Then we will shout from the roof tops, "GOD alone exists, nobody else, nothing else". This ecstasy is the need of hour. There is no differentiation, no division, no religion, no rituals, no conflict, no violence, no limitation, no war, no I and no you. There is ONE, ONE ALONE. There is BLISS and ABSOLUTE PEACE. All opposites get absorbed and remain as a WHOLE, IN TOTAL PEACE. No sins, no virtues, no good and no bad, GOD ALONE IS, beyond time, beyond thoughts, beyond mind, beyond intelligence and beyond conscience.

The tradition of the WISE PEOPLE is eternal. There are always WISE PEOPLE in this world.

Let the noisy thoughts of the human minds be dissolved in the deep silence of the GREAT WISE PEOPLE.

Author: S. Parthasarathy
Published in India