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S. Parthasarathy



Death occurs only to mortals. The immortals are those who live in God, live for God and live as God. The immortals, the wise people, are called by different names. The wise people may shed away their forms but remain in deathless state. They are everywhere and in everybody. For the wise people, shedding away of forms or bodies is like changing the dresses. They are omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. The tradition of such great wise people is from the time of human existence and it will continue till the time every human gets absolute evolution by merging with ultimate goal, GOD. These are not the mere concepts of any religious back up. It is the Absolute Truth. Those who want to check the truth of this statement must become serious. They must seek the wise people with great passion to aware of this Truth. In due course, the wise people will reveal their reality, The Truth. After perceiving Truth, one shall not remain the same. The fear of this transformation prevents the mass to approach the wise people. They are afraid of losing themselves. The fear of psychosis drives them away from the wise people. That's why the wise have declared that God is meant for heroes and not for cowards.